• I was at a party. I noticed a girl sitting or lying on the floor. I walked up to her and noticed there was something wrong with her ear. When I looked closer, I realized that her ear had been pulled so that it angled off of her head grotesquely. Somehow, I was responsible for her ear.

Later, I was standing on Red Cedar with Grant. It was down by where it intercepts Scripps Lake Drive, across from Miramar Ranch. There was a big-rig making a three-point turn in the street. I kept running dangerously close to it, almost expecting to get seriously injured.

In a tree above the street, I noticed a falcon perched on a branch. I called Grant over and we watched it hunt birds. The falcon had metallic green patterning on its breast, like a hummingbird.

When I got closer, I realized that the falcon was actually a hardbound coffee table book about the Sixties. I named it Bob Dylan.