I am walking along a beach trail, and there is a guy, walking about ten feet behind me, playing an acoustic guitar song about how there are 500 galaxies which is sort of like love. I turn around, place my hand on the strings so that they are muted, and say, "Stop doing that." He is offended but says nothing, and sullenly walks away. A friend of his runs up to me and says "Hey man, that was really wrong, what you did." And I say, "Are you going to do something about it?" And he says no, and walks off. Then a second friend of the guitarist (whose tousled hair is sticking out of a canvas hat) walks up and says "Hey, I don't appreciate what you did. Do you play music?"


"Well..." And then he makes a combination handwave-and-nod, as if to say, "Get in here and let's fix this together."

"That's your threat?!"

"Nah man, forget about it," He says goodnaturedly as he trots away in the sand.