From 1/30:

I was with friends in a very dark forest at night. I walked off into the darkness with David [Mebane] with a great sense of mischief.

I was climbing up a spiral staircase. When I reached the top, I was at the top of a tower overlooking a vast swath of forest far, far below.

Above me was the entrance to a room containing many books. There was a gap in the floor, through which I could see the distant tops of trees. I tried to reach the room but was too frightened by the height to make it. In my aborted attempt to jump the gap, I somehow brought many of the books tumbling to the floor in disarray. An older woman in glasses nimbly climbed her way into the room and politely began rearranging the books. I thought of her as a librarian.

I left the scene, going back to the forest where friends communed in a joyous, wild spirit. That's not a euphemism for sex - it's just a feeling.