I was staying in a cabin on the coast, surrounded by woods. It was a summer camp or something; I was there with lots of people.

I had been bitten by a poisonous snake and to counteract the venom, I had to aggrevate a giant, foot-long brown scorpion into stinging me. In the process I killed the scorpion and someone had to grab the stinger and jab it through my clothes [there was no pain].

Inside, I was sitting in the dark; it was night. I would look up to briefly see things moving on the periphery of the woods.

Then, in a haze, I got up and confronted some entities that were in the room with me. I was face-to-face with a [man-shaped] shadow that I sensed was my doppleganger. I questioned it about the nature of identity, though the content of the discussion is lost to me.


Burt said...

Do you dream like this regularly?

Matthew Louv said...

Yes, usually my dreams are unreal and laden with symbolism.

Anonymous said...

any new dreams lately?