• I was swimming in a large tank of silvery liquid. The atmosphere was dark and otherworldly.

I climbed up onto a platform on which were mounted two guns. Myself and another guy were defending the pool from invaders. My gun, when fired, slowly disintegrated whatever it was aimed at. I was disintegrating Rush Limbaugh and various other people [though I took no pleasure in it and watched what I was doing with detached curiosity].

As I was killing these people, they seemed more irritated and confused than defensive. Everything moved with ethereal deliberacy. I explained to them as they were dying that the silver liquid was pure life energy, and because we were all composed of the same life energy, dying and becoming part of the pool constituted a return to the fundamental state of existence. To demonstrate, I spit into the pool; my saliva was the same silvery liquid.

• I was with a big group of people, laughing and joking. A guy made a leukemia joke and I immediately became confrontational, telling him that my grandmother had leukemia [she doesn't in real life]. He was silent.